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In your myDSD account you can check attendance, see your child's school lunch balance and add money to the account, pay school fees, and so much more! You will need a Guardian Account.

If you don't have a Guardian Account...

1. Go to the Davis School District website:
2. Click on the MyDSD in the upper right hand corner of the homepage
3. Click on Request Guardian Account. You will need Student Number and Pin. Check with your student or school(s) office for this information.

This helpful video can also show you how to set up an account.

You only need to complete this account setup once to receive MyDSD for all of your students.

With an account you'll be able to access the following:

  • Check your students grades/missing assignments
  • Make payments on lunch accounts
  • Schedule an SEP Conference 
  • Take administrative and teacher surveys online
  • Look at test scores
  • View attendance history
  • Sign electronic documents

You'll also use this account to check your student out from school.

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