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Welcome to our club page. Listed below are different clubs and activities going on at Whitesides. If you have any questions about the club please contact the Club advisor.

Battle of the Books- Club Advisor: Ella Bingham
Battle of the Books is available to3rd-6th grade students. The participants read from a list of 20 books and earn a button for each book they read. In the spring teams compete to see who knows the books the very best. Winners from our school have the chance to compete at district.
Chess Club- Club Advisor: Rick Brower
This is a great opportunity for your child to join a after school club, where he/she can learn the game of chess and make new friends. Chess Club meets once a week.
Geography Club- Club Advisor: Kathy Sutherland
The Club is open to 4, 5, and 6 grade students who wants to learn more about the Geography of the Earth and are interested in competing in the National Geography Bee.
History Day Club- Club Advisor: Kathy Sutherland.
The club is open to 5 and 6 grade Students participating in History Fair. They can attend to get extra help and support with their projects.
MESA-  Club Advisor: Marilyn Christensen
Math, Engineering and Science Achievement is active learning. During their weekly meeting Students participate in engaging hands on projects and activities.
Shakespeare- Play Advisor: Ruby Horne
Once a year Whitesides puts on a Shakespeare Play. Children will have the chance to audition for a part in the school play. It's a great experience for children to learn about Shakespeare and develop skills and interest in the fine art of drama.